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Risk Disclaimer

Last Updated: Aug 17, 2023


By using the Services, you acknowledge that you have read and understood the risk disclosures and disclaimers set forth below and in the Algorum Terms of Service, and you agree that Algorum bears no responsibility with respect to any investment losses you incur through your use of the Services. You also agree that Algorum offers no guarantees nor does it set any expectations with respect to your algorithmic trading performance through the Service. Capitalized terms not defined in these Risk Disclosures and Disclaimers shall have the meaning set forth in our Terms of Service.


By using the Services, you acknowledge and agree that there is very high degree of risk in trading securities in financial or similar markets, and that your use of the Services and any decision you make in reliance on the Services, including any trading or investment decisions or strategies, are made at your own risk and you are solely liable and responsible for all investment decisions taken by You. Trading creates additional risk and loss of investment. Before you decide to trade, carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience and risk tolerance.


By USING THE SERVICES, You acknowledge and agree that Algorum AND THE SERVICES do not provide YOU with investment, financial, LEGAL, OR TAX advice, OR ANY OTHER PROFESSIONAL ADVICE, and the Services are not intended to provide Users ANY SUCH investment, financial, LEGAL, TAX, OR OTHER PROFESSIONAL advice.  Algorum does not provide any investment advice related service, nor is it a registered investment advisor or broker-dealer and does not in any manner purport to tell or suggest the value of any securities or which securities an investor should buy for themselves. Any observations or discussions of any instrument, commodity, security, algorithms, or strategy provided by Algorum or through the Services is not a recommendation to buy, sell or hold such instrument/commodity/security and is not a basis to make any investment decision or purchase or sale decisions, nor is it advice regarding the risk or suitability of any investment strategy, trading algorithm, transaction, instrument, or nature of investment. Algorum offers no advice regarding the nature, potential value, risk or suitability of any particular investment strategy, trading algorithm, transaction, instrument, or investment. You acknowledge and agree that any use of the Services, any decisions made in reliance on the Services, including any trading or investment decisions or strategies, are made at your own risk. You should consult with your own professional advisor for any form of investment or other professional advice. No employee, agent or representative of Algorum is authorized to provide any investment, financial, legal tax, or other professional advice pursuant to this Agreement, and any such advice, if given, is in violation of our policies, is unauthorized, and should not be relied upon.




Backtesting results are hypothetical and simulated on historical data. Past performance from backtesting is NOT an indicator of the future performance of the algorithm or strategy. The performance results have certain inherent limitations. Unlike the results shown in an actual performance record, these results do not represent actual trading. These trades have not actually been executed and these results may have under-or over-compensated for the impact. Algorum makes no representation that any algorithm will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those backtested. There are numerous other factors related to the markets in general or to the implementation of any specific algorithms trading which cannot be fully accounted for in the preparation of hypothetical performance results and all of which can adversely affect actual trading results.


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